Club Classes and Instruction

The Health & Fitness Center offers a wide variety of classes for all fitness levels. Our certified fitness professionals make sure there is something on the roster for everyone, to promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Take a look at our classes below and make sure to register for those you wish to attend. 

Monday through Friday:  5:30am to 8:00pm
Saturday and Sunday:      6:30am to 7:00pm

Phone: (802) 299-2115

Ab Express

Blast your abs with this intense 1/2 hr. session.

Healthy Back

Who doesn’t need this class?? Elongate, integrate and fortify your postural muscles.

Cardio & Conditioning Class (CCC)

Fat burning, body functional training and circuit stations for all abilities and ages. Expect a combination of full body cardio movements and strength exercises using body functional training techniques and equipment to improve your level of fitness and manage your weight. Circuit and interval training utilized for all abilities and ages.

Aqua Fit

A complete low impact and deep water aerobics experience in the pool. Work at your own intensity – modifications for all exercises make this class suitable for all ages, those with orthopedic issues and H20 WORKOUTS = FUN!

Strength to the Core

Using a variety of equipment i.e., gliding disks, dumb bells, stability balls, sponge balls, and TRX, along with our own body weight, this class will focus on overall strengthening, stabilization and flexibility. Heart rates will get a boost too! Work all the way out to your appendages and deep into your core.

Sunday & Tuesday FIT!

By means of different exercises and equipment, including TRX, this class will maximize your fitness experience. This class may include outdoor activity-please be prepared with the appropriate clothing.

Power Pilates

This mat Power Pilates classes will help identify possible muscle imbalances while lengthening and strengthening the body through movement – creating a stronger core. Flowing, energizing and challenging without the use of apparatus.


20 minutes of low impact aerobic exercise followed by 20 minutes of total body strength and muscular endurance training. Each class will end with 20 minutes devoted to improving flexibility and balance. Challenge your body with diversity to enhance your overall well-being.


Latin inspired cardio workout for the whole body - get ready for 60 minutes of movement that will keep your heart pumping. All fitness levels welcome and newcomers are highly encouraged to give ZUMBA a try-there are no wrong moves!

Gentle Yoga/Sublime Stretch

Integrate the mind, body and spirit with this relaxing flow yoga class. Let your breath take you to a safe sacred space while you enhance your flexibility, posture and balance. The music is dreamy, the pace gentle, and the atmosphere inclusive.


Suspension training that allows you to find the correct level of intensity by using your own body weight.


This class is for experienced participants in which challenging and thoughtful “Vinyasa” style yoga is taught. The focus is on alignment and breath movements which encourage openness with attention to attaining mindfulness.

Balance & Stability

Balance is crucial to maintaining Body Stability, especially as we get older.  This class focuses on enhancing one's balance to improve your body's stability andhelp prevent falls.

Basic Yoga

Experience an introduction to poses while learning the mechanics of breathing and the basic fundamentals of this profound physical and mental discipline.

Tai Chi

A Chinese system of movement that translates to "Grand Ultimate" with the intention of maintaining good health and control the flow of vital energy.  The first half is Qi Gong and the second half is traditional Tai Chi.

Advanced Tai Chi

This class will introduce more advanced movents than our regular Tai Chi.  

Boot Camp

Disciplined interval training that brings you inside and outside for high intensity results driven workouts.