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December 3 to March 23
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Golf Handbook

Click here to view a complete copy of the 2019 Golf Handbook
Includes complete Rules and Regulations.

Handicap Policy

Under USGA Rules members wishing to play in any Quechee Club sponsored competitive event must maintain a handicap, and are required to turn in cards and post all scores. Scores made on other courses should also be posted with the appropriate course rating and slope, whether a 9 or 18-hole round was played.
Scores should be posted in the GHIN handicap system via NorthStar, the golf shop computer, or online at as soon after completion of the round as possible. The handicap committee will conduct audits of posted scores from time to time. A handicap committee member conducting such an audit may, with the concurrence of the professional staff, post a score equal to the lowest of the last twenty (20) scores for any player who has not posted the score for the day being audited. Tournament scores should be posted with a tournament “T” coding. The following events should be posted with the “T” code: Quechee Tournaments as specified by the professional staff; Vermont Cup Competition; State Day Competition; VT State Women’s Golf Association Competitions.


Partial Scores:

Post your score when you play at least 13 holes. On holes, you didn’t play, record a par plus any handicap stroke(s) you would have received. For example, a 12-handicap golfer joins a group on the third hole, and had not played holes one or two. The golfer would record a par on the first hole (the 11th handicap hole), plus one stroke. On the second hole (the 15th handicap hole) the golfer would score a par.


9-Hole scores:

Record and enter scores made playing 9 holes as you would for 18 holes. Both Quechee courses have ratings for 9-hole rounds for all tees and all nines. Partial scores should be recorded if you play at least 7 holes.


Equitable Stroke Control System

When you pick up on a hole jot down the score you most likely would have made. If your score is higher than the maximum number you are allowed under the new Equitable Stroke Control System, then you need to adjust your score to this maximum.

Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) is the downward adjustment of a score on a hole in order to make your handicap more representative of your scoring ability. ESC is used when your actual or most likely score exceeds the maximum number in the following table:
Course Handicap - Maximum Score 
Posted on any Hole
9 or Less Double Bogey
10-19 7
20-29 8
30-39 9
40-49 10
50+ 11

*Mulligans: You are expected to play by the Rules of Golf to post your score. For instance, if you use a mulligan, you aren’t playing a hole under the Rules of Golf, so treat it as a hole not played and record a par plus any handicap strokes you would have received.