Ski Conditions


  For Sunday 1/28/17:
30° at 8:00am - Mostly cloudy, snow shows possible,
high's in the 30's
     Trails Open:     10 of 13 Trails
     Lifts Open:      Chairlift, T-bar, H-Tow
     Conditions:      Machine Groomed/Loose Granular - Woods Areas will be closed due to thin cover!
     Base Depths:   12 - 24"

     Sledding hill will be CLOSED this weekend.
    The skating pond is OPEN today.

January 20, 2017

        With the recent warmish weather, snowmaking operations have been shut down since Monday.  We did get 5-6" of new snow on Tuesday & Wednesday, but that will not be enough to fully open the mountain.  We need 2 decent nights of snowmaking weather to get Upper Express, Lower Mels & Waterline open and then we need to revisit the Plateau, Face & T-bar slopes to add to the man-made base in those areas.  Once that is done, we hope to work on a small terrain park,b but that is going to depend on how we do over the next two weeks.   The long range forecast is calling for fairly warm weather right through the weekend and upcoming week, followed by some colder weather for the last weekend of January.  We will do the best we can with the cards we are dealt over that period, but it does not look like we will be making any snow until the last weekend of January. 

       This weekend, we will have 10 of our 13 Trails open and the skiing this weekend will be good despite the recent warm weather with grooming operations taking place each night to freshen up the surfaces and mixing in the new snow.  The natural snow areas, including the woods areas, are not skiable and the wooded areas will be closed for this weekend
        With the new snow we recieved this past week, we have been ablt to groom the golf course Cross Country network.  The limited snow conditions only allowed us to snowmobile groom the network, so the skate lane is not as wide as normal and there are only single tracks set.  That was the best we could do under the circumstances and with the weather forecast for the weekend, we will not be able to do any additional grooming.  Section 5 did not recieve enough snow to allow for any grooming to take place.  Conditions are still extremely icy with a light snow covering the ice, which makes conditions quite dangerous.  So, if you do choose to venture out, use extreme caution and know that there is lots of ice lurking out there!   We recommend hiking only with ice grips or possibly snowshoes, but in either case, you should also use extreme caution.  For any grooming operations to take place in section 5 it will take a considerable snow event to allow that to happen. 

         The skating pond was cleared of snow after the storm, but with the warmish temperatures, the ice quality is suffering.  The pond is safe and it should be open for the weekend, however, no guarantees on the quality of ice, which Mother nature is in control of at this point.

Happy New Year & Lets all Think Snow !

Skiing & Riding Off Designated Trails

Please Use Extreme Caution and Good Judgement

If you ski or ride off the groomed trails or in the woods, you leave the open and designated trails at our Club. The Quechee Lakes Landowners’ Association is not responsible for any damage or injury to any person who utilizes the ski area facilities to access terrain outside the open and designated trails. [12 V.S.A. 1038.] Vermont law also states that you may be billed for search and rescue activities for your rescue.

Woods Skiing and Riding: Open and designated trails at the Quechee Ski Area are generally within the groomed edges of trails. All other areas, including woods that are accessible from the Quechee Ski Area facilities, are not part of the designated trails. If you choose to ski/ride in the woods (or in other non-designated areas), please know that these areas are not opened, closed, inspected, marked, or patrolled in any way by the Quechee Ski Area.

The woods (and other non-designated areas) will contain countless hazards and can be life-threatening, including the possibility of being severely injured in remote locations and/or becoming lost and freezing to death. Search and rescue operations are conducted
in Vermont woods each winter for lost skiers and riders who choose to leave the designated terrain and ski or ride in the woods. These searches are not always successful. If you do choose to ski or ride in the woods, or otherwise leave the designated trails, please be sure you are prepared to endure extreme conditions. Never ski or ride in the woods alone and never enter the woods after 3pm in the afternoon.

Pets, including dogs, are not permitted at any time on QLLA common land, including golf courses, ski hill, Clubhouse and beach areas. Pets are permitted on our Section 5 hiking trails, and we ask that you properly dispose of their waste.