Pristine Waters and Lush Woodlands

Lake Pinneo is open Father's Day through Labor Day daily from 10am-6pm

Looking for the perfect spot to enjoy a day at the beach? You have come to the right spot! Beachfront, charcoal grills, a sand volleyball court, boat rentals and a playground are just a few of the things you will see at this great swimming hole.
The Recreation Department hopes that these amenities and our well-trained staff enhance your summer enjoyment here in Quechee.

Access to Lake Pinneo is limited to QLLA members, guests and renters


Lake Pinneo hours are 10am-6pm daily, Father’s Day through Labor Day


Lake Pinneo Boating

Users must show appropriate amenity passes to use the area.

Only the following water craft are permitted at Lake Pinneo:

Rowboats, Wind Surfers, Paddle Boats, Canoes & Kayaks. No Motorized Boats.

Please check in with the lifeguard before porting to the water.

All patrons must wear approved lifesaving gear while in boats

No inflatable objects are allowed on the water (Rafts, etc.)


The following is not permitted at Lake Pinneo while boating:

Consumption of food or beverages except in designated picnic areas

Swimming outside roped off areas

Trespassing on golf course

Any alcohol or drugs

Operating boats by persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs

Boating within or near designated swimming area

Non-Emergency beaching on golf course or private shores

Operation of boats so as to endanger the safety of others

Deliberate capsizing of boats


Lifeguards on duty are authorized to:

Enforce all rules, stated or not, and prohibit anything they consider unsafe or otherwise offensive

Close the lake to swimming or boating during severe gusts or other threatening weather conditions.

Eject any persons operating any water craft in an unsafe manner or refusing to comply

with Lake Pinneo Rules and Regulations.


Use of Lake Pinneo and its grounds are limited to QLLA members, guests and renters. Authorized lake patrons must present their QLLA member ID or renter amenity pass to the gate attendant, have an access sticker on the vehicle windshield to enter Lake Pinneo gate/recreation area.

All children under the age of 5 (and any child regardless of age who cannot swim) must be accompanied by a responsible adult while swimming

Children under the age of 5 must be accompanied by a responsible adult while in the playground area.

The lifeguards on duty are responsible for your safety. They are authorized to enforce all rules, stated or not, and prohibit anything they consider unsafe. Lifeguards are authorized to open or close facilities as necessary. All lake patrons/swimmers must exit the water, beach area and playground area in the case of lightening.

All flotation devices must be United States Coast Guard approved. Any flotation device that is not USCG approved, including but not limited to noodles, swimmies, rafts and floats, are not permitted.  USCG approved life jackets are available upon request at the lifeguard station during staffed hours.

Appropriate swimming attire is required.

NO running, dunking, pushing, horseplay, diving into the water, swimming outside designated swimming area, or standing or swimming on safety lines.

NO glass containers of any kind are permitted at Lake Pinneo.

NO Use of alcohol and drugs is allowed. Anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be asked to leave.

All vehicles, including automobiles, bicycle, motorbikes and golf carts must be parked in designated areas only.

Please pick up your lake stickers at Membership Services
For more information, please call (802) 295-9356

  • Per Insurance Regulations
    • Only U.S. Coast Guard Approved flotation devices will be allowed in our swimming facilities. Absolutely NO floats, Noodles, Float Suits, Water Wings, etc will be allowed in the Pools or Lake Pinneo at any time. We do provide U.S. Coast Guard Approved lifejackets at all of our aquatics facilities for your convenience. Thank you for your cooperation.

  • Boat Rentals
    • Canoes, Funyaks, Paddle Boats, 2-Person Funyaks
      ½ Hour: $10.00

  • Facilities
    • There are both men's and women's, full service restrooms with changing areas and one outdoor shower for rinsing. 

      Stop by Lake Pinneo’s “Snack Shack” where we will be serving up your favorite cold sandwiches, snacks, Ice Cream treats, smoothies and more!
      For questions or suggestions regarding the Lake Pinneo Snack Bar contact
      Ross Jones at

      Help us keep the beach clean! There are a number of trash receptacles on site for your convenience.

      Enjoy our playground! Available for use by families of all ages.

  • Admittance
    • A gate attendant is scheduled to be on duty during Lake Pinneo's hours of operation. All members have free access into Lake Pinneo with our annual season pass. Window decals are used as season passes and can be picked up at Membership Services in the main Clubhouse. Please make sure you pick up your new pass on an annual basis. Renters and Guests can access Lake Pinneo for $15 per day per car, please pick up your pass at Membership Services at the Main Clubhouse. For questions, please contact Membership Services at 802-295-9356.

  • Lifeguard Hours
    • Our fully trained lifeguards are on site daily from 10am-6pm.

  • Additional Amenities
    • There's something for everyone at Lake Pinneo!

      Bring some charcoal, your favorite grilled items and some volley ball and we will provide the grills and volley ball net!

      Both amenities are located at the lake facility. This is the perfect recipe for a fantastic afternoon at the lake!