Explore the Great Outdoors

The Quechee Club has hundreds of acres of wilderness trails, suited for hikers, bikers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

All Section 5 trails are on gently rolled terrain of intermediate difficulty except where noted by red trail markers which designate expert.

Please Note
Section 5 trails are groomed only after snowfalls. Trail maps are located in the mailbox by the entrance and at the end of Bently Road.

Section 5 hiking and cross country trails are reached from Main Street in Quechee by turning onto Willard Road. Travel up hill to Bently Road. Proceed to signs marking trailheads. Click Here to View the Map.

Though we encourage you to enjoy the woodlands that surround The Club, we urge you to always out safety first and exercise extreme caution.

A few things to note about Quechee Woods

  • If you ski or ride off the groomed trails, or in the woods, you have left the open and designated trails at our Club Campus.

  • If you choose to ride/ski in the woods (or in other non-designated areas), plse know that these areas are not opened , closed, inspected, marked, or patrolled in any way by the Quechee Club.

  • The woods (and other non-designated areas) will contain countless hazards and can be life threatening, including the possibility of being severely injured in remote locations or becoming lost.

  • If you choose to ski or ride in the woods , or otherwise lave the designated trails, please b sure you are prepared to endure extreme conditions. Never ski or ride in the woods alone.

  • Please use extreme caution and good judgement.