Watch Your Tee's and Q's

Course Hours

Opening Tee Times vary pending weather conditions. The Golf Pro Shop, Driving Range and Putting Greens are open 30 minutes prior to play. For more information please contact Membership Services at (802) 295-9356.

Golf Cart Etiquette

Rules regarding restrictions on the areas of golf cart use will vary with conditions. Please obey posted signs. Abuse of golf cart etiquette may result in loss of golf cart privileges

  • Do not start until everyone has hit off the tee.

  • The golf cart paths should be used whenever possible. When parking the cart every effort must be made to keep all tires on the cart path.

  • Exit fairways before green posts located prior to all approaches.

  • When crossing regular roads, stop, look and then proceed slowly.

  • Never drive golf carts within 30 feet (10 Paces) of greens, tees and bunkers unless you are on the cart path.

  • Exception for disabled players: Players who require special use of golf carts must make a request to the professional staff and include a letter from a doctor outlin­ing the player’s physical problem. Upon approval by the head of the professional staff, the player will be issued a flag by the starter. The disabled-player flag will be displayed at all times during the round and then returned immediately after each day’s play. A maximum of 6 months will be granted for each request. The flag indicates permission to approach within, but not closer than, 15 feet of greens, bunkers and tees. All Handicap Players will be charged a $35 fee refundable at season’s end.

  • Never park in front of a green while putting.

  • When seated in a golf cart, keep both feet within the cart at all times.

  • Parking is not allowed in any of the approaches to the greens.